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    National Engineering Technology Research Center for RFID Systems was approved by the State Ministry of Science and Technology in 2010 and approved for construction in 2014. It was officially licensed and put into operation (by National Development and Reform Commission [2014] No.339). It is the only national platform for research and engineering application in this technical field in China.

    Founded on the basis of Sample Technology, the Center is important for the national science and technology development plan and is the essential content for research and development capacity building. It is an open service platform for new technologies and products R&D, achievement translation and engineering application promotion in RFID field. Currently, the center is equipped with 312 personnel, 56 of whom have senior professional titles and 87 has doctoral or master degrees. There are 4 recipients to national central government special allowance, and 2 people have won the national title of young and middle-aged experts with outstanding contributions. 11 people times were selected into the national talent training programs at all levels.


    Major Projects

    Awards and Honors

    Intellectual Property


    ADD:No.10 Maqun Avenue, Qixia District, Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China   
    TEL:025-84356666   FAX:025-84356677 | Mail:irm@samples.cn
    irm@samples.cn 025-84356666
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