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    Smart Transportation

    Networked Management System of City Intelligent Traffic


         The plan is to improve the efficiency of road traffic and public security management, enhance the core capacity of public security organs, deepen the construction of "Safe Nanjing" and lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of public security. It holds key to the social security prevention and control system and the province's "big platform" framework. The plan actively uses new technologies such as the IOT and video analysis to achieve the "three-capture and three-capability" goal of " people images capturing, cars license capturing and phone information capturing, and law offence penalty capability, crime evidence collection capability, movement profiling capability".

          The plan has completed the real-time collection of 19 billion pieces of transportation vehicle data within five years, which has built a smart city operation support platform and ensured the real-time transmission of massive concurrent data. It monitors real time the running status of front-end equipment, maintains auxiliary equipment (automatic detection and alarm of equipment faults). It also safeguards the stable operation of the system.

    Overall Objective:

          The network supporting the hot plug-in; real-time and comprehensive monitoring of network element robustness; intelligent automatic repair of network faults; centralized one-click maintenance of network element; using highly adaptive data sorting model and dynamic browser to gather data; multidimensional big data analysis: highly secure and compatible multiple data sharing modes; all-round safety management.


    1. System construction is carried out in a modular and service-oriented manner, which can monitor various types of IOT terminals, heterogeneous application systems, IT equipment and other nodes of various manufacturers in real time, and realize remote maintenance and management. Data are gathered in a unified area in a modular and service-oriented mode for system construction, which can monitor various types of IOT terminals, heterogeneous application systems, IT equipment and other nodes of various manufacturers in real time. It can also realize remote maintenance and management, clustering all data into the centralized data center.

    2. The big data technology and intelligent business analysis create the comprehensive management and control of nodes and enhance the operation and management;

    3. The data service and business analysis have been built up for basic support and services for upper-level applications or urban top-level construction, providing a service management integrating "monitoring, management and operation".

    Typical cases:

         Nanjing Public Security Project 3.20


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